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Should you dress up for exams, auditions, and competitions?

Posted on: November 23, 2016

I think yes.

It’s a case where first impressions count, even if first impressions are only correct about 30% of the time. In the case of an audition to get into a competitive group, it can mean the difference between getting accepted and not getting accepted; in the case of an exam it can make a difference in what classification your final mark falls (eg: first class honours or first class honours with distinction); and can mean the difference between the size of the scholarship, or whether you get one at all for music study.

Plus you’ll likely have many other concerts that you’ll be using those dress clothes white and/or black shirt/black dress pants/black dress shoes in which it’s required and that you CANNOT dress down, especially if you are taking music in school which there are regular to frequent performances. Plus there are many ways to save on all or part of the outfits, even some dollar/discount stores carry decent to high quality shirts and pants for low cost that are perfect, especially for children up to about 10 years old; thrift stores often have them for older children and adults, and increasingly you can even find decent dress shoes for cheap for kids and adults.


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