Meri’s Musical Musings

9 Ways to Fail a School Music Class

Posted on: June 18, 2016


  1. Failing to complete written word assignments, such as concert reviews and composer projects or essays
  2. Failing to start or complete and hand in music theory assignments
  3. Doing minimal to no practicing
  4. When practicing, not using effective methods of learning the music
  5. Not showing up for classes
  6. Not showing up for rehearsals
  7. Not showing up for performances except in extreme circumstances (in some schools, this means the student fails music)
  8. Refusing to sing or play in class or in rehearsals
  9. Forgetting to bring your instrument regularly (in instrumental classes)

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  • None
  • V V: Wish I had read this before I fell for their scheme ! Oh well - have posted my experience on Yelp and N49 and hoping others can avoid the pain of fal
  • clariniano: Thanks for the additional information. It was actually Yelp that deleted my reviews, because of so-called bias. I too have seen the horrible technique
  • No Thanks: Former Teacher at the Ontario Conservatory of Music I took lessons at the Ontario Conservatory and when I left for private lessons from another tea
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