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6 Finale Tips and Tricks (that may be or are not in the Finale manual or quick guide)

Posted on: March 20, 2016

  1. If you have a lot of tuplets in your music, or are creating at least one cadenza, under Simple Note Entry, turn off “Check for Extra Notes on Mouse Entry”. (default is that it will not allow you to enter any more notes after you’ve filled the right number of beats for the time signature in the bar you are inputting)
  2. To place a courtesy accidental in your music, select the note, and type P (useful in writing beginner music, anywhere where the next note might be unclear (such as a tie that could be interpreted as a slur across a bar line), where the music changes to a new key, or in places that have a lot of notes in the same bar, but a particular note occurs several notes later which it’s easy to forget the accidentals)
  3. To mark several to many notes with the same articulation either or a combination of horizontal and vertically, click and hold the mouse from the first note to the last note you want to use that articulation.
  4. Use Scroll View as much as you can, it will make the flow of writing out the music easier and faster, especially with long pieces.
  5. When placing slurs of more than two notes, click, hold, and drag the mouse until you reach the last note in the group you want a slur under.
  6. To hide rests (this is especially useful in writing beginner piano music), go to Speedy Entry, select each rest you want to hide with the arrow keys, and press H) Note for whole rests you’ll have to substitute two half rests and hide each of those. If you accidentally hide the wrong note or rest, just press H again.

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