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The advantages of travelling to a teacher that is not convenient to get to

Posted on: January 9, 2016

  1. If the farther teacher is amazing, and your local teachers are average to mediocre, the students will be much more motivated to practice.
  2. You can do homework, catch up on reading, or catch up on emails when you will be some time getting to your teacher’s location. If the student is in high school or university, that can be a good sized chapter or two.
  3. You learn the feel of neighbourhoods other than the one you live and how to get around, especially if you decide to explore the teacher’s neighbourhood beyond the lessons in terms of its shopping and cafes for example.
  4. You can sometimes multitask if you have other things to do in the neighbourhood or nearby; for example, one of my piano teachers lived pretty close to my clarinet repair place, so I would stop by the latter after the piano lesson if I needed a quick adjustment or repair on my clarinets. My first clarinet teacher lived a short bus ride or long walk from the flagship store of one of the two music stores I mainly go to where I live. Students who come to me and the parents do not want to stay for the lesson can head to the outdoor mall across the street and do things like their grocery shopping.
  5. Sometimes, especially if you take lessons during the summer, you can find festivals that you might not have otherwise known about.
  6. Sometimes it’s fun to see what other areas are selling in garage sales or leave by the curb, especially in classier neighbourhoods which I’ve picked up fine furniture for a five finger discount which was in good shape, just because the owners are sick of it!

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