Meri’s Musical Musings

Things you can do musically when you are out of commission from playing an instrument (especially those who play wind instruments)

Posted on: January 9, 2016

Recent dental surgery has put a short hiatus on myself playing clarinet for a couple of weeks or so. However, that does not necessary mean that all music activity has to stop. Here are 15 things you can do musically that don’t require you to play your instrument or minimally. Some tips are suitable for all musicians at any level; others are mainly for students and amateurs.

  1. Do maintenance work on your instrument, clean and polish the keys, body and inside of the instrument, and for those instruments that use it, oil the bore (eg: clarinets and oboes), clean the tone holes and pads.
  2. Practice your piano skills.
  3. Study your music history.
  4. Do your theory, especially if it’s counterpoint or harmony that you’ve been putting off.
  5. Compose a piece of music.
  6. Arrange some music.
  7. Create music themed crafts.
  8. Practice your ear training using any apps you might have on your smartphone.
  9. Clean your instrument case inside and out. Medium and large instrument cases can be cleaned with a hose attachment from a vacuum for the inside.
  10. Organize your case more efficiently.
  11. Work out difficult rhythms in your music with a metronome saying the rhythms.
  12. Finger the difficult passages without playing the instrument.
  13. Write articles about music.
  14. Listen to and study the recordings, preferably with the score, of pieces you are learning. This is especially helpful if you play in an orchestra or in a chamber ensemble
  15. Take your instrument in for repairs and adjustments, especially if it’s been well over 6 months since your last one, because instrument repairers can take their time since you are in no rush to get them back.

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