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Ideas on creating an amazing student music recital experience

Posted on: April 3, 2013

  1. Give out participation certificates that you create and design, using a program such as Microsoft Publisher.
  2. If your concert has a theme, have goodie bags with items that relate to the theme. (eg: Stars and Planets, Creatures Great and Small)
  3. Include interesting facts about each student (eg: if a student shares your birthday, if every one of the family members plays at least one musical instrument (I’ve had 4 or 5 student families that everyone played and/or studied instruments, if a student has a birthday that falls on a major holiday) when introducing each student
  4. Have door prizes
  5. Have a reception after the concert
  6. Include chamber ensembles, at least same-instrument duets, and percussion or recorder ensembles are often possible
  7. Have the teachers perform (students LOVE seeing their teacher in the student’s shoes)
  8. Invite guest instrumentalists on instruments that are not those you teach, especially if you have students who are about to start band or orchestra in school the next school year
  9. Make an audio recording of the concert
  10. Make a CD of the concert
  11. Make a video of the concert
  12. Encourage students to design the cover of the concert program, and scan in the image.
  13. Make DVDs of the concert
  14. Use colour in the ink of your concert programs

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about piano playing tips.

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