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Ideas on creating amazing music lesson experiences for students

Posted on: April 3, 2013

Ideas on creating an amazing music experience for students taking lessons

  1. Make goodie bags or gifts for students during various holidays in the school year.
  2. Have seasonal worksheets for students in the early levels of music study (many are available at Susan Paradis’ site,
  3. Make videos of their pieces, learning to add titles and captions in a video editing program. (a free one is included on recent Windows computers, Windows MovieMaker)
  4. Create custom arrangements of pieces that students want at the appropriate level of difficulty for each student
  5. Have students learn pieces that “everybody” knows: the national anthem, Happy Birthday, Here comes the Bride are but three examples.
  6. Have students compose 2-3 pieces a year
  7. Teach students to write out their pieces in a notation program, such as Finale
  8. Take pictures of each student, every few months, and especially at concerts
  9. Do chamber ensembles, especially with siblings or students who are friends, particularly if they go to the same school.
  10. Have them see you rehearse and practice while you are waiting for students
  11. Make a studio CD
  12. Make a studio DVD
  13. Invite guest teachers to teach your students
  14. Encourage your students to keep a journal about their music practicing.
  15. Give students small gifts for their birthdays
  16. Make use of online resources, such as the Naxos Music Library, available for free though many public and university/college libraries, otherwise it’s $25 US/ year, playing professional recordings of the pieces students are learning, or the full version of arrangements of pieces they are learning, or pieces that are considered cool in the classical world, such as Sorcerer’s Apprentice/Dukas and Toccata and Fugue in D minor/JS Bach

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