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Even Computer Geeks Need Music Ed

Posted on: March 13, 2013

Many parents, sometimes because of short-sightedness, when they see a child has a deep interest in the sciences or computer programming or think their child needs more study time in the later school years for academics, end their children’s music lessons in the early to middle teen years. However, keeping up their music lessons, and connecting them to their passion in life may be a better idea, for the following reasons. There are even parents like mine who have said that they would pay for computer classes but not music lessons!

More and more doctors are specializing in  treating musicians, because certain types of physical problems are more common on certain instruments, tendonitis is common in violinists and violists, hernias common among horn players, and sinus problems in oboe and clarinet players.

Dentists having a strong musical knowledge on how instruments are played, especially wind instruments, can help select a more suitable type of braces for students that need them that makes playing an instrument possible or more comfortable. They can also help with a custom guard for the upper front teeth in sax and clarinet players.

In high paying professional careers, there are orchestras of various types of professions, lawyer, doctor, and dentist orchestras, particularly in the US.

Learning an instrument to an advanced level will help students develop their fine motor control for their future medical or dental career, especially if their medical specialty is some form of surgery.

It is important for politicians of all levels to know music and the arts, and how to adequately fund school music programs, supply funding to musical organizations, and grants to musicians and other artists. Many of the golden ages of culture and music in North America had at least a few leaders that were advanced or professional level players: Bill Clinton is a saxphonist, Michele Jean, former Governor-General of Canada is a fine pianist, and Condoleeza Rice, Secretary of State for George W. Bush even was accepted for music study at the most prestigious US musical institutions. One can even see the lack of understanding of music and arts education generally in a mid-1990s movie called Mr. Holland’s Opus, which the music teacher is fighting with the administration of the school board to keep music and arts programs.

Computer geeks need to know music, especially those who are interested in creating computer games, to know what good melodies sound like with effective harmonies, instead of relying on outside developers, especially in the start of their careers, when they often have little income as programmers coming in. Heck, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates play guitar and trombone respectively, and Bill Gates is supposed to be a very good trombonist.

Not only that, but more and more schools want to see evidence of students who are more than the subject they are studying, who can stick to goals and achieve them, which music study with quality teachers can provide evidence, especially if the student completes advanced level music exams with an excellent mark.

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