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6 types of software that are useful for private music teachers

Posted on: January 24, 2013

Music Notation Software You can create exercises, compositions, worksheets, and arrangements using music notation software. In some cases you may be able to sell arrangements and compositions for a small to modest cost.

Movie Making Software. If you have a recent Windows computer running at least Windows XP (preferably at least Windows 7), you probably have one on your computer already, which came with the computer: Windows MovieMaker, which lets you create titles, captions, closing credits, transitions, and add music to photos and videos. Eventually you’ll want a more sophisticated program, but this program is useful for basic video editing.

Publishing software, such as Microsoft Publisher, that lets you create nice posters, CD/DVD labels, mailing labels, personal identification labels, postcards, greeting cards, and more. Although the initial cost is quite high ($120-$180), it will pay for itself hundreds if not thousands of times over.

A PDF creator. Especially if you want to send any of your creations, from a simple studio policy to a board game with advanced graphics and everything in between, you will definitely want this, and is necessary if and when you sell or post your creations online.

Audio recording/editing software. If you teach advanced students or make Cds of your student’s playing, this is a necessity. You can record the student’s playing and then make a copy of their recording to edit to make it the way it should ideally sound. This has helped my students applying for music programs in colleges, universities, and conservatories, which most if not all of them earned scholarships partly because of teaching students how they really sound compared to how they think they sound.

Music Theory/Ear Training Software. Depending on the age of the students you teach, you may need software designed for younger students and those designed for students at least 9 or older. Ideally you should get one program that has both, such as the MiBac Music Theory. DO NOT RELY ON ONLINE SITES for this, as sometimes internet connections may not work or is unavailable. I recommend the MiBac Music Theory for older students, and for younger students, Music Ace Maestro is fun for students 4 or 5 and up.

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