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Top 10 Reasons for Being a Tenor (copied from an FB friend)

Posted on: January 20, 2013

Top Ten Reasons for Being a Tenor

10) Tenors get high without drugs

09) Name a musical where the Bass got the girl.

08) You can show the Sopranos how it SHOULD be sung

07) Did you ever hear of anyone paying $1000 for a ticket to see the 3 Basses?

06) Who needs brains when you’ve got resonance?

05) Tenors never have to waste time looking through the self-improvement section of the bookstore.

04) You get to sing along with John Denver singing High Calypso.

03) When you get really good at falsetto, you can make tons of money doing voice-overs for cartoon characters.

02) Gregorian chant was practically invented for Tenors. Nobody invented a genre for Basses.

01) You can entertain your friends by impersonating Julia Child.


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  • V V: Wish I had read this before I fell for their scheme ! Oh well - have posted my experience on Yelp and N49 and hoping others can avoid the pain of fal
  • clariniano: Thanks for the additional information. It was actually Yelp that deleted my reviews, because of so-called bias. I too have seen the horrible technique
  • No Thanks: Former Teacher at the Ontario Conservatory of Music I took lessons at the Ontario Conservatory and when I left for private lessons from another tea
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