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Music exams are NOT as limiting as some teachers make them out to be…

Posted on: June 25, 2012

So many teachers say they don’t teach exams because they limit the amount of repertoire.

In my opinion, most of those teachers that don’t do music exams,  are mediocre, and it’s what the teacher and students do with them, if the teacher is effective and students do practice, there’s plenty of time to do lots of music besides the exams, but if the student is slow, doesn’t practice, and the teacher only focusses on the exam pieces and studies,  then it can be limiting in their pieces. Another counter-argument is with students of other instruments, who are REQUIRED to learn other pieces besides their exam ones, like the ensemble parts for school or non-school groups.

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  • V V: Wish I had read this before I fell for their scheme ! Oh well - have posted my experience on Yelp and N49 and hoping others can avoid the pain of fal
  • clariniano: Thanks for the additional information. It was actually Yelp that deleted my reviews, because of so-called bias. I too have seen the horrible technique
  • No Thanks: Former Teacher at the Ontario Conservatory of Music I took lessons at the Ontario Conservatory and when I left for private lessons from another tea
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