Meri’s Musical Musings

Improving and mastering musical skills as a teen and adult

Posted on: May 2, 2012

Some people say that it’s easier to master musical skills when you start as a child. But there are examples, especially in learning more advanced concepts, that can be more easily mastered by teens and adults.

In my case, I greatly improved and mastered many of my musical skills as an adult, or at least in my late teens. Here are some of the skills that I did not understand or master until I was more developed:

  • Rhythmic counting. I didn’t understand how the notes fit inside the tick of a metronome until the middle of my teenage years.
  • Control of nerves. Until my early 20s, I had little control over nerves, and often had performances that were not that great, and some downright disastrous.
  • Tone quality. Though I am seeing even fairly young students master this by their early teen years.
  • Harmonic concepts. I didn’t understand even Basic Harmony until I was in my early 30s, when I finally passed the exam on the third attempt!
  • Ensemble playing. Especially in playing difficult figures correctly.
  • More advanced skills on the piano. At high school graduation, I played piano to an early intermediate level. Now that level is early advanced, and can handle some advanced repertoire, depending on how they fit my hands.
  • How to practice more effectively in less time
  • Learning to hear intervals, melodies, and scales with much greater accuracy than when I was younger.
  • Learning to memorize better and more accurately, by using chord progressions and recognizing the elements learned in Rudiments in the pieces I am memorizing.
  • Awareness of how to play with the same or more power, with less physical effort and strain.
  • Learning to sing on pitch, which I didn’t really understand until my late 20s
  • Learning to sight-sing with a high degree of accuracy.

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