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You know you’re a clarinetist when…

Posted on: February 17, 2012

…you think of “Rose Studies” as a collection of pieces for the clarinet

…you’ve heard of more sizes of clarinets than most people can name

…you own more sizes of clarinets than most people can name

…you have ever picked up the B flat clarinet when you were supposed to pick up the A in a solo, chamber, or orchestra piece, or the A clarinet when you needed to pick up the B flat (I’ve done this at least 3 times in the past 2 years, even with different makes of my two clarinets)

…you own a copy of the Hite Melodious and Progressive Studies Book 1

…you own more than 1 copy of the above book.

…you have bought at least one new ligature that’s not the one that came with the instrument

…you have bought at least one new mouthpiece

…you have bought several new mouthpieces, sometimes spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on them.

…you don’t associate a Buffet with food

…you own at least one clarinet-related novelty item

…you are, or have been, or are thinking of joining the International Clarinet Association

…you hate it when people mistake your instrument for a flute

…you listen for commercials, movies, and TV shows for the sound of one

…you get little sympathy from pianists when you are having a bad reed, or need to change reeds.

…you have approached cellists about playing the Beethoven op. 11 trio

…you are proud of the fact that the clarinet is used in more styles of music than almost every other instrument

…whole tone scales are a part of your practice regimen

…you have dreamed about performing the Mozart clarinet concerto

…you know more composers of clarinet solo music than most people can name

…you know the exact number of compositions Carl Maria von Weber wrote that features the clarinet as a solo instrument (The answer is 6)

…it drives you crazy how some clarinetists in school bands and other ensembles can play with bad tone.

…you love the fact that even though the clarinet is about the same length as a flute, it can go nearly an octave lower.

…you have checked out at the library, or bought at least one clarinet-related book

…you hate it when composers write a passage where you have to slide one of your litter fingers (unless you have an alternate low A flat/clarion E flat key) no matter which side you start on

…you know what an A clarinet is

…you OWN an A clarinet

…you use the A clarinet to avoid playing in difficult keys as much as possible

…you despise playing in F sharp melodic minor, especially if it uses the notes between the written top space E and the F sharp on the top line of the treble staff (because neither normal or alternate fingerings for the F sharp work that well at faster than a moderate tempo)

…you wish your instrument had an alternate low A flat/clarion E flat key on the left side.

…you can spot when you need to use alternate fingerings just looking at your music

…you love having well over an octave available in the lowest register

…you’ve bought at least 1 reed case

…you’ve bought at least 3 reed cases

…you know more works by Mozart that include the clarinet than most people can name outside of his symphonies

…you can play most if not all those Mozart works

…you think of June 22 as Mozart Clarinet Concerto Day (6/22-K. 622)

…you’re a fan of Weber and you don’t mean Andrew Lloyd (even though the latter is really spelled Webber)


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