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Why clarinetists who own a set of B flat/A clarinets should also keep a single B flat case

Posted on: February 6, 2012

I own a pair of clarinets, one pitched in B flat and the other pitched in A. And while I have a double case for these instruments, I have found keeping a single B flat case as well handy too.

The main reason I do this is to limit the amount of weight I carry with me. While some of my gigs require both instruments (especially chamber music, orchestra, and most of the church services), there are some gigs that I do not need the A clarinet. Some of these include:

  • Teaching all students below the early advanced level
  • Playing in concert bands
  • Playing church services where not a single solo or hymn uses the A clarinet (I’ve had a couple of those)
  • Running clarinet workshops for schools or community bands
  • Attending the annual summer music day camp I have usually assisted with since the camp began 9 years ago, and other camps that don’t require me to play in an orchestra or chamber music that uses the A clarinet

Perhaps you can think of other instances which you do not need to carry both your clarinets. But reduce the load by a few pounds by only taking one clarinet, and get a light single case. (But make sure you transfer your swab, cork grease, and reeds each time you do this, or keep two sets of them!)


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