Meri’s Musical Musings

Games to play to prepare children for music lessons

Posted on: December 3, 2011

  • “Copy Cat”You can play this with rhythm instruments or a a couple of good quality toy xylophones. Play two or three notes, and have the child imitate the rhythm or notes.
  • “Simon Says” Many music teachers of children will have various musical variations on this, like “Play a C high on the piano”, “Play two quarter notes”, “pick up the card that shows F on the first space of the treble staff.” This is a game that develops listening skills. When a single task becomes easy, try giving them two or three instructions to follow.
  • Any simple board game, for them to experience taking turns, especially if the teacher does group lessons a few times a year.
  • Quiet listening. With a timer, have the student stay quiet for starting at 5-10 seconds, increasing it 5-10 seconds a week until you get to 2 minutes.



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  • V V: Wish I had read this before I fell for their scheme ! Oh well - have posted my experience on Yelp and N49 and hoping others can avoid the pain of fal
  • clariniano: Thanks for the additional information. It was actually Yelp that deleted my reviews, because of so-called bias. I too have seen the horrible technique
  • No Thanks: Former Teacher at the Ontario Conservatory of Music I took lessons at the Ontario Conservatory and when I left for private lessons from another tea
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