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Posted on: November 28, 2011

There are many musicians, especially advanced students and professionals, who try to appear as if they are perfect practicers. Well, I know I am not, though the job still gets done well. Here are some of the things that musicians are “supposed” to do in practice that I don’t. However, these tactics are NOT recommended for beginners and intermediate students. Advanced students and professionals can use them if they practiced correctly when they were beginners and intermediate students.

Practice almost every day–I usually practice when I have a gig or rehearsal coming up

Practice long tones–I haven’t done this in years, though I do have very good breath control over long phrases that need to be taken in one breath.

Practice scales, arpeggios, and other technical elements–I can recognize and play them accurately in sight reading, otherwise mainly practice them when there is an exam or audition coming up

Practice with a metronome–I have a very good sense of accurate timing of beats and the subdivisions of beats, rarely need to use it, mostly use it when I’m teaching students. Otherwise mainly use it to make sure my technical elements for the exams and auditions are at the correct speed.

Repeating a passage approximately 7 times correctly. If the music is easy, I only need three or 4 at the most.

Practice for 2-3 hours a day. For me, I practice enough to complete the job well plus about 15 minutes to make sure I have the endurance. Plus the music I play is usually easy for advanced students and pros, and am a quick learner, and would be EXTREMELY bored. 45 minutes per day seems to do the job for most gigs for me.


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