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Gifts for the serious musician or music teacher in your life

Posted on: December 17, 2010

One idea is to go for the obvious: the music stores they frequent. There’s two that I mainly visit, one mainly for my sheet music and gifts, and the other for instrument-specific items.

A variation on this is to give a gift certificate for an online music store, especially if the products the teacher likes are not available locally or are too expensive. Two excellent ones are and

If your serious musician or teacher drinks alcohol (assuming they are at least old enough to buy it), try some Mozart Liqueur or Chopin Vodka. (I’ve seen and bought the first one; have only heard of the second)

A hand-sewn Christmas ornament of sheet music or the instrument the serious student or music teacher plays and/or teaches. (One of my own teachers has a number of these, and I think they’re totally amazing!)

A wide range and selection of music-themed gifts rarely or never found in other places is available at Music In Motion, They have an online catalogue, but you can also request their annual print catalogue.

Many serious musicians and music teachers I know love to read. A gift card to their favourite bookstore is usually appreciated.

A fun item of their favourite composer. There are composer shirts, mugs, and other items available at (and in Canada,

Many private music teachers, especially if they are single or only work part-time would love a gift card to help cover their groceries or to eat out.

Many music teachers I know get to play a lot, but not to see the concerts or musicians they want to see due to the cost. So a couple of tickets to an event they want to see would help.

A CD set of a particular type of a composer’s works. My husband for his last birthday got the complete Bruckner symphonies (he had been asking a while), and there are a number of people who I know would love to have the complete Beethoven symphonies by a famous conductor or all of Haydn’s string quartets played by a great ensemble.

Many established music teachers I know spend several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars on office supplies. So a gift card to their favourite store of the type is a help.

Software. Many music teachers I know do not have audio recording software. Other types of software that can be useful to teachers is a program that helps create brochures, business cards, posters, post cards, invitations etc. such as Microsoft Publisher, graphics editing, or even an up-to-date clipart program.

Many music teachers would love to improve the look of their studio. A department store gift card would help here.

A subscription to the music magazines they read can be a big help, or would like, but would never purchase for themselves. There are lots of magazines for pianists and guitarists, but they are available for almost every, if not every western instrument.

A box or more of their favourite reeds or strings, for those that play or teach instruments that require them.

One or more sessions to a place that they can get a relaxing massage.

Many serious musicians and music teachers I know prefer buying CDs over downloading mp3s (I think it’s because that you get the liner notes, since they often contain interesting information), so a gift card to a store with a large selection of music that they like would be practical.

If money is tight, and you can read or write music notation, compose a piece that is based on what you have learned from them or that reflects who they are.

If you have a skill that the teacher highly values, offer to do a gift of service. If you are a photographer, offer to do portraits of the musician (and maybe even their students!), do a nice painting of the teacher’s instruments or the teacher with their instrument, website design, or home cleaning.

If you really want to go crazy for your music teacher or serious student, or do a major group gift. you could get them a laptop computer (if they don’t have one) or even a new instrument, even a new piano would help teachers of non-keyboard instruments!


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