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Letter to current and prospective students–plans for September 2009

Posted on: August 15, 2009

Hello, everyone!
September is only about a couple of weeks away, and I have been busy planning for things to do in the 10th year of running my music studio. Yes, it’s already been 10 years, some of you have known me since I was barely a rookie at teaching music lessons.
To celebrate 10 years of my studio business, I am planning a concert of past and present students. Tenatively it will be scheduled for the first Friday in November.
For the first time ever, I will likely have a clarinet ensemble consisting of more than 3 people. I would like to have this ensemble play for at least 3 events, my 10th anniversary concert, as mentioned earlier, my Christmas concert (2nd Friday in December), and the spring student concert. Depending on the number of students interested, I may also have 2-3 keyboard ensembles. I will distribute the parts in late September, which are arrangements I have created.
We may be holding at least one other concert besides those mentioned above, at a senior’s nursing home at Don Mills/Lawrence, and I’m trying to plan another one at the Veteran’s section of Sunnybrook hospital, which I played there a couple of times in my younger days and know there is a grand piano. There will be special awards at the final concert for those students who participate in every concert this season.
I know some schools do silent auctions, which I would like to make a contribution of a few week’s (4-6) worth of lessons. If you would like one for the student’s school, please let me know when I should have them ready for. A few week’s worth of lessons also make great gifts for family and friends.
There are also plans to have at least one, and possibly as many as 3, excursions to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and/or the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, which a student I taught played in last season. I would love to take the students and families to see a production of Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, which I feel is especially important for the piano students who are, or very soon will be studying a second instrument in the school music program. I may also want to take individual students to some TSO concerts, depending on the pieces they are learning in lessons. (and of course with their parents!)
[edited due to personal information]
Finally, I am planning to make extensive use of my laptop and camcorder which I got over the past few months. With the camcorder, I would like you to record your testimonials about my studio (and your children, if they are willing and you will let them participate), or if you’re a little camera shy, you can write a letter to me about my studio and I’ll read it on camera. As well, I am planning to purchase some more music software, especially in terms of music theory and ear training programs games for students.
Enjoy the rest of your summer, and see you in September!
Meri Dolevski-Lewis

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