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More Music Fun Facts

Posted on: June 25, 2009

 Richard Wagner often wrote his scores in different coloured inks for each instrument.

Sharps and flats in music notation were developed well after the modes (the scales on the white keys of the piano), with te first one introduced being B flat followed by F sharp.

Many pieces by lesser known composers were intentionally made to have been composed by famous composers, among these works include the Minuet in G major which is attributed to J.S. Bach but is actually by a composer called Christian Petzold.

Giovanni Pietro Maria Crispi wrote 16 of his 18 symphonies in the key of D major.

Mozart’s overture to the opera Don Giovanni was written in one sitting in Prague in 1787.

B  flat major is the most popular major key for classical compositions; for minor keys, that honour definitely goes to D minor.

Franz Joseph Haydn’s Divertimento in F (Hob. II:16) and his Symphony no. 22 in E flat mjor “The Philsopher” are the earliest existing occurences of the English horn.


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