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Incentive for new students

Posted on: April 25, 2009

I have spaces for students starting in the summer, and have some available for September as well.

I am offering a special incentive to new students. I am offering a 3 month, 45 min private lesson package which will, in September 2009, cost $175/month per student, but if  students and parents choose to pay for the three month package, they can receive 3 months of lessons for $350. After the initial 3 month package, they can continue to stay on that plan and receive the same great plan, or go to the monthly plan.

I will also have special group plans available too (combining group and private lessons). So if your friends family or neigbours want to join in on the fun, they can receive a group lesson once a month at no extra charge.

This package includes rhythmic training, ear training, sight reading, and theory, and, for students interested in it, composition and arrangement techniques.

There are some spaces available, however, this offer will expire on May 31st! So share this with your friends, family, and neighbours know about this special offer. The offer is only good for students starting in Summer 2009 (late June-July) or Fall 2009 (starting in September)

Thank you, and have a nice day!

Meri Dolevski-Lewis


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  • V V: Wish I had read this before I fell for their scheme ! Oh well - have posted my experience on Yelp and N49 and hoping others can avoid the pain of fal
  • clariniano: Thanks for the additional information. It was actually Yelp that deleted my reviews, because of so-called bias. I too have seen the horrible technique
  • No Thanks: Former Teacher at the Ontario Conservatory of Music I took lessons at the Ontario Conservatory and when I left for private lessons from another tea
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